Warranty and Refund Requirements


At the time of registration, the tour fee must be paid in full.


 1) ISTANBULELITETRANSFER may cancel travel due to lack of precise registration or convoy due to the number of passengers required, in which case the consumer has no right to compensation. All documents that pay the tour fee (except for visa and fees) and consumer (s) are returned to the consumer (s) within 14 days.

2)The buyer has the right to transfer to the person he / she has purchased through the web site, provided that he / she notifies ISTANBULELITETRANSFER in written form 7 days before the start of the tour. However, the consumer will bear all responsibility for the visa (in the case of visa-applied countries) of the person to be transferred. If the visa is not given to the transferred person, the money will not be mentioned. The transferor and the transferee of the tour contract are jointly responsible for the payment of the balance amount against ISTANBULELITETRANSFER and the payment of all additional costs arising from such transfer, provided that the additional costs are reasonable and do not exceed the actual cost incurred by the REGULATOR or the VEHICLE.

3) ISTANBULELITETRANSFER reserves the right to cancel all reservations made on behalf of the consumer 24 hours later, if the consumer notices in writing that he will be participating later in the journey missed by the beginning.

*** In such cancellations, the consumer is not charged any fees.

4)Force Majeure: natural disasters or epidemics such as earthquakes, fire, volcanic eruptions, floods, storms, hurricanes, fog, avalanches, lightning, and nuclear, chemical disasters or spills and epidemics, including, without limitation, and the extraordinary circumstances and adverse weather conditions are considered to be a coercive reason if the obstacles to the start or continuation of the hindrance, duty, terror, war, possibility of war.


It must be canceled due to the minimum attendance for the arrangement of the package tours and notified to the exhibitor in written form or at least 20 days before the beginning of the tile at the time foreseen in the cancellation contract.

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